Two people making zasar

A Photo Essay—and Recipe: Professor Michael Gill’s Fermentation Stories Project Gets a Taste of Zasar

Fermentation is something Syracuse University School of Education Professor Michael Gill thinks deeply about. The process is the subject of his latest research and has inspired a recent project to explore family and cultural connections to recipes handed down through the generations and across nations. The project—Fermenting Stories: Exploring Ancestry, Embodiment, and Place—kicked off in...
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Counseling Students Receive AARC Award for Refugee Mental Health Project

A team of Counseling and Counselor Education graduate students from Syracuse University’s School of Education have received a select award from the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC). The 2024 Multicultural Assessment and Research in Counseling award goes to Sarah Litt, Eunji Park, Kahyen Shin, and Xihe Tian. This annual grant honors AARC...
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Saraswati Dhakal lighting a candle

Saraswati Dhakal G’24 Embraces Role as Mental Health Counselor and Advocate

Before pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the School of Education, Saraswati Dhakal G’24 served as a transplant coordinator and operation theatre nurse at the Human Organ Transplant Centre in Bhaktapur, Nepal. In that role, Dhakal coordinated the center’s renal transplant services, delivering care and treatment to patients, while providing counseling...
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Cailey Underhill portrait and Huntington Hall

“At Heart, I’m Still a Teacher”: Cailey Underhill G’13 Transitions from Education to Environmental Advocacy

Cailey Underhill G’13 was in her fifth year of teaching high school English in rural Northern New York when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Sitting in lockdown at her dining room table, she googled “How to save the planet.” That search led her to a new career as an environmental advocate who, in her words, still...
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A young woman stands in front of Syracuse University's Carnegie Library

Stand-out Graduation Dress? You’ve Got to Hand It to Rory Livingston ’24

When Dean Kelly Chandler-Olcott learned about the special dress Rory Livingston ’24 wore to the Syracuse University School of Education Convocation on May 11, she wanted to know more about it. Making the dress was a handful—but not in a bad way. Livingston, an Inclusive Elementary and Special Education program graduate, sent Chandler-Olcott some photos...
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AI & College Teaching: Professor Jing Lei Quoted by Forbes

Are You Ready To Use AI In Your Teaching? (Forbes | June 17, 2024) College faculty are uncertain about the use of AI. Most talk related to AI among non-science faculty pertains to how students might be using it to cheat rather than how they can use it to streamline their own work or how...
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Two SOE Doctoral Students Receive ACES Graduate Awards

Two doctoral students in Syracuse University School of Education’s Counseling and Counselor Education program have been recognized by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES). First year doctoral student Xihe Tian and second year student Eunji Park are among 20 ACES graduate student members receiving a 2024 Graduate Student Award Grant from the ACES...
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Five Questions hero image for Jaime Castillo

Five Questions for Jaime Castillo G’16

Jaime Castillo is a 2016 graduate of the School of Education’s Counseling and Counselor Education doctoral program. He also holds a B.S. in Psychology from Penn State University and an M.S. in School Counseling from the University of Scranton. A Licensed Mental Health Counselor, he is currently Director of Counseling Services at SUNY-Geneseo. Castillo describes...
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NYSED to Phase Out Regents as Graduation Requirement: Professor George Theoharis Weighs In

(CNY Central | June 11, 2024) The New York State Education Department (NYSED) says taking Regents exams could no longer be a high school graduation requirement for students if their proposal is approved. Syracuse University education professor George Theoharis expressed worry that people may say schools are lowering standards by no longer making Regents exams...
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School of Education Receives Gift to Fund Indigenous Teacher Preparation Scholarships

An anonymous benefactor has given $150,000 to the Syracuse University School of Education to provide scholarships for Native American students preparing to become inclusive education teachers. The School of Education Indigenous Teacher Preparation Fund will provide scholarships to at least seven undergraduate students in its first cohort, which will matriculate by the 2026-2027 academic year....
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School of Education Mourns the Passing of Professor Emeritus Alan Goldberg

Syracuse University School of Education mourns Professor Emeritus Alan Goldberg, 90, who passed on June 1 at Inova Hospital in Alexandria, VA. A distinguished faculty member in the Counseling and Human Services program, in 2006 he spearheaded SOE’s Holocaust and Genocide Education initiative, which includes the Spector/Warren Fellowship for Holocaust and Human Rights Education. Alan...
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Alexis Wilner Orlin Prize hero image

Disability Studies Graduate Alexis Wilner ’24 Wins Orlin Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis

Alexis Wilner ’24 was awarded the David Orlin Prize for Overall Outstanding Thesis Project, as well as best professional studies thesis, at the 2024 Renée Crown University Honors Program Convocation on May 10. Wilner is a graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Visual Arts and Performing Arts’ drama program and the School of Education’s (SOE)...
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Nikkia Borowski G’20 Speaks to EdWeek about English Learners with Disabilities

(EdWeek | May 13, 2024) Students with disabilities face a gamut of challenges when it comes to accessing high-quality K-12 education, including a shortage of specialized teachers. The nation’s growing English-learner population faces outsized needs as their English-language proficiency scores remain lower than pre-COVID-19-pandemic averages, and immigrant English learners in particular require more trauma-informed instruction....
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ParKer Bryant hero image

Doctoral Student ParKer Bryant Joins Research Addressing New Conclusions About AI and Society

Today’s discussions of artificial intelligence (AI) tend to focus on its most visible presence, such as the chatbot ChatGPT. Yet, as two doctoral students discovered during their past year as Lender Center for Social Justice student fellows, AI exists in society in many forms, both readily apparent and not well recognized. ParKer Bryant and Aren...
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Emilee Baker G'24 hero image

Emilee Baker G’24 Looks Ahead to Unique Postdoctoral Researcher Role

When she was a special education teacher, Emilee Baker G’24 could see that the educational system was failing students with disabilities. To address that challenge, she decided to pursue doctoral studies in Syracuse University School of Education, supported by a Project INCLUDE grant. She will graduate this spring and, in August, she’ll pursue a new career as a...
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Dean Chandler-Olcott Reflects on Work of Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual and Relationship Violence

Since the beginning of Fall 2023, School of Education Dean Kelly Chandler-Olcott has been working alongside Rob Hradsky, Vice President for Student Engagement in Student Experience, as the new Co-chair of the Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual and Relationship Violence. In a conversation with SU News, Chandler-Olcott says she is impressed by those working on...
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