Atrocity Studies Annual Lecture

The annual Atrocity Studies spring lecture invites speakers from disciplines related to the intersections of history, memory, international human rights, and how we can use the lessons of the past to inform and improve our world.  The lecture is hosted by the minor in Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice, supported by Lauri ’77 and Jeffrey Zell ’77.


Julia M. White, Associate Professor|315.443.9321
Julia M. White

Upcoming: Gathering Evidence of Atrocities: Investigations in the Former Soviet Union, Guatemala, Iraq, and Ukraine

March 23, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. ET
107 Hall of Languages and Zoom

Featuring Ewa Schaller of the American Friends of Yahad-In-Unum/Holocaust by Bullets, who will talk about documenting crimes and atrocities in the former Soviet Union, Guatemala, Iraq, and Ukraine, and former international prosecutor David M. Crane L’80, Syracuse University College of Law Distinguished Scholar in Residence, who will talk about the implications of this evidence for international courts.

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