The Study Council

The Study Council is a partnership organization within the School of Education. This partnership includes educational leaders from Central New York school districts and BOCES who collaborate for a variety of educational services. The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to email listserv highlighting research
  • Announcements about education related speakers and event on campus
  • Regional conversations with networking opportunities
  • On-line book clubs and webinars (like the CNY Book Study)
  • Professional development partnerships
  • Faculty research spotlights
  • Advisement and support

Recent faculty research spotlights include:

  • Lesson Study with Sharon Dotger (Science Education)
  • Social Emotional Learning with Melissa Luke (School Counseling and Counselor Education)
  • Christine Ashby (Inclusive Education; Institute on Communication and Inclusion)
  • Clinical Simulations for Emerging Teachers and Leaders with Benjamin Dotger (Teaching & Curriculum; Educational Leadership)
  • Bullying with Yanhong Liu (School Counseling)

The annual membership fee for the Syracuse University Study Council is $165. If you are a member district and want to discuss partnership ideas or if you are not a member district and would like to find out more about the Syracuse University Study Council, please contact:

Leela George, Associate Teaching Professor|315.254.7807
Leela George