Financial Aid & Scholarships

The School of Education and Syracuse University want to help all students succeed, including finding ways to pay for their education. A wide range of opportunities for financial aid, awards, scholarships, stipends, grants, and fellowships are available for School of Education students. Our Office of Academic and Student Services is here to help you with any questions or help you need in finding funding and supports.

Opportunities for Recent Graduates

We admire the Syracuse University Class of 2020’s resilience. Facing an uncertain job market, many are putting more thought into starting or continuing graduate studies, so we’re offering 50% tuition scholarships on our master’s degrees and certificates of advanced study to the class of 2020, both undergraduate and master’s degree! The School of Education is offering these scholarships for ALL of our master’s and C.A.S. programs.

Syracuse University Financial Aid

The largest source of financial aid for students is Syracuse University scholarships and grants. In addition, Syracuse University participates in the Federal Direct Student and Parent Loan programs. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can assist students and parents throughout the financial aid process. Financial Aid professionals are available to address your questions, offer options for payment, assist in filing student loan and grant applications, assist with the application process, and suggest financial planning options.

School of Education Endowed Scholarships

The School of Education houses many named scholarships for students based on their backgrounds or educational and career goals. Approximately 15% of School of Education students will receive one of these scholarships, and students are considered automatically with their admissions application.

The School of Education is proud to support graduate students starting select programs in summer 2019 or later. These scholarships and other funding sources cover 60-75% of the total tuition cost for each degree, offering educational opportunity for more students at Syracuse.

Please Note: students who receive this funding are not eligible for any additional School of Education Scholarships (except for the 7-12 program, where students are eligible for a 25% SU-SOE Scholarship). This funding is not available to full-time SU employees, spouses, or partners; these persons are instead eligible for remitted tuition benefits. Funding will be offered to eligible students in their admission packet. Students must be formally admitted and matriculate during or after summer 2019, and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward that degree specified on each program page. Students who return their acceptance of the scholarship are automatically credited the amount of the scholarship for each semester to their bursar account; there will be no cash refunds or payouts. Students may not use vouchers for the remaining tuition cost, and scholarships do not cover tuition for undergraduate courses even if required as a prerequisite condition of full admission into the master’s program.

Other Opportunities for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Other Opportunities for Prospective Graduate Students

Himan Brown Fellowship

School of Education undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in study abroad can apply for the Himan Brown Fellowship, which can cover expenses for semester programs and short-term trips.

Outside Opportunities

These funding sources are not endorsed by the School of Education, but are provided as examples of places our students have found success receiving funding. Individual School of Education programs may list additional suggested funding sources for their specific content area.