Educational Leadership, CAS

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The fully online Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership prepares graduates to be effective, collaborative, equitable, and compassionate administrators in school buildings and districts.

This program leads to dual New York State certification as a School Building Leader and a School District Leader. Graduates focus on educational equity, shape school cultures, and create the conditions that make it possible for every teacher to teach and for every student to learn, in roles as superintendents, assistant and associate superintendents, principals, directors, chairs, and other school and district leadership positions.

Emphasis is placed on the relationships between curriculum and instructional development, supervision of instruction, professional development, and organizational development, and the ways in which information on student learning can be used to improve teaching and learning. As a student, you will:

  • Enhance your skills as a leader responsible for systems that support learning by students who struggle or who have traditionally been marginalized, but who learn most effectively when given full access to the same learning opportunities as others.
  • Understand how school leaders support the development of children’s interest and skills in reading, writing, and oral expression across all parts of the curriculum, along with in-depth understanding of leadership issues in specific subject areas.
  • Participate in eduSIMS to simulate challenging situations with trained actors, to develop abilities to resolve conflicts, political challenges, and to sharpen interpersonal and group decision-making skills.
  • Develop the ability to resolve conflicts, ethical dilemmas, and political challenges faced by educational leaders, and sharpen interpersonal communication skills while enhancing group decision making, and promoting collaboration and community building.
  • Understand the institutional, legal, policy, fiscal, and external political contexts of education, and the technical and organizational systems that determine how those contexts affect teaching and learning.

Application Deadline: June 1 | More admissions information

Program Contacts

Breana Nieves Vergara, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions|315.443.2505
Breana Nieves Vergara
Leela George, Associate Teaching Professor|315.254.7807
Leela George