Departmental Assistantships and Funding

Graduate Assistantship (GA) opportunities are available for most doctoral and many master’s degree students in the School of Education. These assistantships are funded by the School, and typically include a stipend and graduate tuition credits. Roles for GAs vary but may include:

  • Teaching Assistantships in undergraduate and graduate courses to support student learning.
  • Research Assistantships on a specific faculty project or ongoing department work.
  • Co-designing and co-teaching new courses.
  • Other roles supporting department work or students.

More information on eligibility is available on the Admissions and Financial Aid page under each graduate program. Please note that while some departments and programs consider all applicants for assistantships automatically, many have specific requirements and processes for applying for an assistantship. You are highly encouraged to contact the academic department directly to discuss the options available to you.

Other Assistantships at Syracuse

Out-of-department assistantships are frequently available to graduate students for departments and offices across Syracuse University. We suggest interested students look at and apply for jobs on the Syracuse University Human Resources Website in mid-January for the following fall.