Teaching & Curriculum, M.S.

The master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum prepares current educators for deeper study in their content area and specific areas of interest.

This program provides highly motivated students a fully customized program in a concentration area of your choosing. Some examples of programs of study and goals include:

  • A current social studies teacher can combine deeper study in political science with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs with work in cutting edge pedagogy better address citizenship, media literacy, and student biases in their classroom.
  • A recent graduate of an initial certification program in secondary mathematics can combine deeper study in mathematics with the College of Arts and Science with exploration in mathematics education and teaching and learning through problem solving.
  • A current art educator can expand on their own artistic practice with work in the School of Art and Design, study how to create a more multicultural and interdisciplinary curriculum, and apply this knowledge in the field in art workshops with youth.
  • A current elementary teacher can more deeply investigate and explore how to develop literacy and more broadly adapt instruction to students with different learning style and needs, among ELL students, and for those with reading challenges.

Suggested Application Deadline varies by semester start | More admissions information

Why Teaching & Curriculum at Syracuse?

  • Open to students with and without existing initial certification, but who have a strong interest in broader education and instructional issues.
  • Flexible program requirements and many common courses are taught in the afternoons or evenings, making this program possible with part time study while also working in the field.
  • Explore broader issues in the fields of education, instructional practice, and curriculum design than a single certification program.
  • Study and collaborate with a diverse community of scholars, from across the country and around the world.
  • Take part in School of Education short-term study abroad trips or semester-long programs around the world. School of Education students are also eligible for exclusive funding to support study abroad experiences.

Special permission through the department is required to apply for this program – contact the department for more information.

Program Contacts

Breana Nieves Vergara, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Benjamin Dotger, Professor; Director, Center for Experiential Pedagogy and Practice
Benjamin Dotger