Literacy Education, Ph.D.

The Literacy Education doctoral program requires a minimum of 90 graduate credits beyond the undergraduate degree, and 9-24 credits of dissertation work. Part-time study is also available for students working, including full-time teaching positions, although 1-2 semesters of full-time residency is required.

The program is flexible and coursework is chosen by the student and their advisor to align to professional and personal goals. You can choose to focus their study on topics such as childhood literacy, adolescent literacy, or teaching English as an additional language. All students will choose courses in teacher education, multiple learning theories, and critical perspectives from across the School of Education and Syracuse University. Coursework areas may include:

  • Early Intervention for Children’s Reading Problems
  • Teaching Comprehension
  • Language, Learning, and Literacy
  • Perspectives on Literacy and Technology
  • Academic Language and Reading
  • Issues in Multicultural Literacy

Other Requirements

  • 15 credits in research methodology or other scholarly inquiry. Recommended sequences have either a qualitative or quantitative research emphasis.
  • At least 2 independent study projects, courses, or collaborations.
  • Research apprenticeship, typically in the context of a required or elective course or as an independent study with the student’s advisor.
  • Doctoral Qualifying Exam.
  • Dissertation proposal, writing, submission, and defense (within 5 years of exam).

More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.