Literacy Education, Ph.D.

The doctoral degree in Literacy Education prepares graduates to develop critical skills and expertise in cognitive, social, and critical perspectives toward language and literacy.

In this program, students will conduct and publish significant research and scholarly work, design innovative curricula and assessment, advocate for literacy policy, and teach pre- and in-service school personnel. Students will draw on the expertise of faculty through a combination of coursework, independent studies, and other mentoring, as well as offerings from across the School of Education and University, to develop a program of study that focuses on childhood literacy, adolescent literacy, or teaching English as an additional language. Opportunities are available for collaborative or individual presentations and authoring around issues of literacy, reading, and language arts.

Suggested Application Deadline: January 15 or October 1 | More admissions information

Take classes and work with with faculty who have received special recognition for teaching excellence, and are leaders in national and international professional organizations such as National Council of Teachers of EnglishInternational Literacy Association, and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Expertise in teaching and instruction is also developed with the department and with participation in the Future Professoriate Program. This includes orientations, year-round services for teaching assistants, and opportunities to co-teach with fellow doctoral students and department faculty, guest lecture, and independent instruction. Opportunities to gain and demonstrate that expertise include teaching, field supervision, advising, and mentoring undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation students.

Our graduates are faculty in literacy education and teach preparation at prestigious universities, or work in foundations and policy organizations, program and curriculum development, consulting, and children’s literature.

Program Contacts

Breana Nieves Vergara, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Louise Wilkinson, Distinguished Professor of Education, Psychology and Communication Sciences
Louise Wilkinson