Professor Emeritus Shares Impact of Spector/Warren Fellowship

Alan Goldberg, professor emeritus in counseling and human services and inaugral director of Holocaust and Genocide Education at the School of Education, penned an op-ed to in response to an August article about holocaust education. Goldberg highlights the importance of teacher knowledge and understanding in teaching about the Holocaust and other atrocities. The School of Education’s commitment to socially just and historically nuanced education includes the minor in Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice, workshops and lectures put on by Holocaust and Genocide Education, and the annual Spector/Warren Fellowship for Future Educators.

“Through the Spector/Warren Fellowship for Future Educators, over 250 School of Education students have participated in an intensive Holocaust education program in cooperation with the Holocaust Museum Houston, supplemented by on-campus work with SU faculty that immerses them in the historical background of the Holocaust and relevant teaching strategies. [Holocaust and Genocide Education at Syracuse University] has presented over 70 workshops for teachers from multiple disciplines including social studies, English, science and the arts.

“Having been involved with both programs since their inception, I’ve seen the impact these workshops have made on participants understanding of the complexity of the Holocaust, its contemporary relevance and their ability to fulfill New York state’s mandate to teach about the Holocaust.”

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