Pilot Project Gives Global Access to Student Research

Mai NguyenMai Nguyen, a Fulbright Scholar and graduate student in Teaching and Curriculum, spent four weeks this summer studying issues and identifying opportunities in the Vietnam education system while at the English Language Institute graduate studies program.

Her work is now available worldwide thanks to a new partnership between Syracuse University Libraries and the ELI, which puts student work on Syracuse’s open access platform Surface.

“It’s a great resume builder and because the students’ works were published as open access, they will retain all copyright of their posters and research,” says Amanda Page, open publishing and copyright librarian. Nguyen adds:

“This project reminds me why I’m here. This is a global topic. For many in education, there needs to be mindfulness in teaching, learning and communicating. If the people in Vietnam, especially the parents, know about a situation they will have greater awareness of some of the issues students face.”

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