Marketing, Communications, & Events

The Marketing, Communications, and Events (MCE) office within the School of Education helps faculty, staff, students, and others across the School communicate clearly, effectively, efficiently, and within the Syracuse University brand. We also support marketing and public relations effort for the School, as well as coordinating major school events. All of these efforts are done with a beyond compliance approach to physical and digital accessibility and inclusion.

Resources on Answers

Where We Manage

  • SOE and affiliated websites (e.g. centers, institutes).
  • SU and SOE brand compliance.
  • All SOE social media accounts, and consult for SOE-affiliated accounts.
  • Media relations for faculty and staff experts.
  • Digital accessibility including email, electronic documents, and print materials.
  • External communications and public relations, including SOE email newsletters and print magazine.
  • Design services in line with School of Education priorities.
  • Photography and videography (including release rights management).

Our Staff

Martin Walls, Director, Marketing and Communications|315.443.4698
Martin Walls
Allison DeVoe, Digital Communications Specialist|315.443.4696
Allison DeVoe