Academic & Student Services

The Office of Academic Services provides a thorough and effective support system for all School of Education students.

From academic support, to career advice, to information about study abroad, the professionals in Academic and Student Services have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and get you the advice you need.

Meet Our Staff

To meet with our staff, visit Orange Success or use the “Schedule an Appointment” links after each person’s contact information.

Have an appointment, or want to meet with someone right now? Check in using the virtual kiosk to let us know you’re ready, and visit the virtual waiting room to see how long there is to wait.

Academic and Student Services Offices
111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 230
Syracuse, NY 13244

Amie Redmond, Senior Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services
Amie Redmond
Speranza Migliore, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
Speranza Migliore
Timothy Findlay, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment
Timothy Findlay
Bobbi Latimer, Career Services & Certification Counselor
Bobbi Latimer
Mihaela ShaLeva-Staykova, Administrative Assistant|315.443.2506
Mihaela ShaLeva-Staykova
Crystal Ross, Office Coordinator|315.443.9319
Crystal Ross

Undergraduate Advisors (assigned by student’s last name)

Graduate Advisors (assigned by student’s academic department)

  • Reading and Language Arts; Teaching and Leadership:
    Marie Sarno, Program Specialist and Academic Advisor|315.443.1464
    Marie Sarno
  • Counseling and Human Services; Cultural Foundations of Education; Higher Education; Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation:
    Sheila A. DeRose, Academic Advisor|315.443.4522
    Sheila A. DeRose