CLS Faculty Writes on Successful Homework Strategies

Janine L. Nieroda-Madden G’19, assistant professor reading and language arts, wrote about 6 ways to establish a productive homework routine for The Conversation. Nieroda-Madden, a graduate of the Ph.D. in literacy education program, teaches College Learning Strategies courses for undergraduate students across all schools and majors at Syracuse University, and has studied student learning in the context of homework since 2010.

Whether you’re a fifth-grader or a freshman in college, the mere thought of homework can be overwhelming. And actually doing homework can be quite difficult. But homework doesn’t have to be something a student dreads.

Two students doing homework in a school libraryNieroda-Madden’s advice for homework includes:

  • Setting priorities
  • Tackling difficult tasks first
  • Breaking tasks down to smaller steps
  • Creating evidence of learning
  • Building a network of support
  • Revisiting goals and setting new ones

Nieroda-Madden’s article has been picked up by dozens of news outlets nationally and internationally, including The Houston Chronicle, the Idaho Press-Tribune, and Australia’s NewsPronto.

Read “6 ways to establish a productive homework routine” on The Conversation