Science Education (Grades 7-12), M.S.

The master’s degree in Science Education prepares graduates to rise to the challenge of helping students learn the processes, skills and body of scientific knowledge necessary to excel in the increasingly technological world.

FULL tuition scholarships + living expenses for diverse future teachers in this and other select master’s programs through the Baldanza Fellows Program.

A student in a head scarf looks through a microscopeThis program provides deep exploration into scientific theory and practice, content instruction, culturally relevant pedagogy, integration of media and technology in the classroom, and standards-based assessments. Our focus is on inquiry-based methods of science education, promoting both practical and conceptual understanding necessary for lifelong learning and active engagement in a world where science and technology play a pivotal role. This program meets the academic requirements for initial and professional New York State teacher certification in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics (grades 7-12).

Suggested Application Deadline: January 15 | More admissions information

Why Science Education at Syracuse University?

  • Complete your degree in one year of full-time study – no teaching experience or certification needed!
  • Prepares students for teaching diverse students in 21st century classrooms. From experiences in university classrooms, online, and in schools and communities, you will learn to design inclusive, culturally relevant pedagogy for all students.
  • Faculty members of this program are specialists and are highly interested in educational theory and research in the field of science education.
  • Participate in EDU Sims, which are standardized simulations of common interactions in classroom and school environments to help you identify your strengths and develop your professional skills.
  • Strong collaborative ties with the faculty in the science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. You will continue to develop your content knowledge and inquiry skills through a mentored science research experience and coursework in the nature of science.
  • Each semester centers on an intensive field placement in a middle or high school setting to provide rich teaching experience with youth from diverse backgrounds.
  • Take part in School of Education short-term study abroad trips or semester-long programs around the world. School of Education students are also eligible for exclusive funding to support study abroad experiences.
  • Small student cohorts and a highly engaged alumni network mean you get to know your teachers and peers who will become your lifelong colleagues.

S O E faculty look on as students test a science lesson planGraduates of this program have a strong foundation of science knowledge, cutting-edge science and research practices, and instructional best practices. Our graduates are in K-12 school, community, and other settings including:

Interested students with existing initial certification in a science content area (Grades 7-12) should consider our M.S. program in Teaching and Curriculum.

Program Contacts

Speranza Migliore, Graduate Academic Advisor|315.443.2505
Speranza Migliore
Lauren Schmidt, Career and Certification Counselor|315.443.2956
Lauren Schmidt
Sharon Dotger, Professor; Faculty Director for Teacher Education and Undergraduate Studies|315.443.9138
Sharon Dotger