Intercollegiate Athletic Advising and Support, CAS

The certificate of advanced study in Intercollegiate Athletic Advising and Support examines how to lead and advise in complex intercollegiate sports programs to promote the development, learning, and success of student-athletes.

This program explores and prepares students to understand the scholarship and practice in:

  • the structure, operations, and policies of athletics at the NCAA, divisional, conference, and institutional levels and how they impact the college student’s educational journey
  • how to interpret and apply research on intercollegiate sports, intercollegiate academic support systems, leadership, organizational culture and change in higher education
  • the impact of race, gender, and class on college student athlete access and success, the competencies and skills required to support their success, and how to promote /advocate for more inclusive, equitable, student-centered policies and practices.

Graduates of the CAS program often continue or go on to be academic advisors, student affairs administrators, or intercollegiate athletic coaches, or continue their studies with a master’s degree in Higher Education.

Online option available. Students also can complete this certificate part-time.

Suggested Application Deadline: June 1 | More admissions information

Program Contacts

Breana Nieves Vergara, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Cathy Engstrom, Associate Professor; Faculty Director for Graduate Studies|315.443.4763
Cathy Engstrom