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New York State Certification Institutional Recommendation

An institutional recommendation can be submitted to the New York State Education Department once you have completed a state-approved degree program leading to the recommendation of New York State certification.

Initial Certification

  • Initial certification is the first New York State certificate and is effective for 5 years from the issuance date.
  • Complete School of Education approved undergraduate or graduate teacher prep program.
  • Pass New York State teacher exams
  • Complete fingerprinting process at least two months prior to graduation.
  • Candidates should apply for this certification within two years of graduation to be eligible for School of Education’s recommendation.

Professional Certification

  • Must be earned before initial certificate expires.
  • New York State teacher exams are not required (with the exception of Speech & Language Disabilities).
  • Requires completion of a Masters degree in a related area of initial certification.
  • Requires completion of three years full time teaching employment.
  • Requires completion of professional development through school district employer.

Options for those with Initial Certification Earned at the Bachelors level

  • Earn Masters degree leading to professional certification in area of initial certification.
  • Earn Masters degree in a new certification area.
  • Earn Masters degree, provided that 12 graduate credits of content related to the initial certificate are completed (as part of the Masters or in addition to it), as specified by New York State (must apply for certification directly to New York State Department of Education).

How to Obtain New York State Certification

  • Successfully pass the required New York State Teacher Certification exams. Test dates, registration and preparation guides are available on the NYSTCE website.
  • Apply for fingerprinting clearance at least two months prior to graduation (see below).
  • Meet with your academic advisor to confirm that all degree requirements will be completed.
  • Apply for certification through NYSED TEACH Online Services. Directions will be e-mailed to the student listservs prior to graduation.

Recommendation for Certification

  • Online certification recommendation will be completed once award date is posted on transcript (typically 4-6 weeks after graduation).

Out-of-State Teacher Certification

  • Each state has specific teacher certification requirement; therefore, it is recommended that students search each state’s education department web site for the most up-to-date information.

Fingerprinting Process

NYSED is eliminating the use of the fingerprinting process, so fingerprint services are no longer available through the School of Education. Learn more about the new finger printing process.

  • Required for New York State certification
  • Apply for fingerprinting clearance at least two months prior to graduation.

NYSTCE Tests for Teaching Certification

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the New York State Board of Regents have announced the development of new tests required for teacher and School Building Leader certification in New York. The new tests include a portfolio-based teacher performance assessment (edTPA), an Educating All Students Test (EAS), an Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST), updated Content Specialty Tests (CST), and an updated School Building Leader assessment.

Candidates applying for certification after May 1, 2014 or candidates who applied for certification on or before April 30, 2014 but did not meet all the requirements for an initial certificate on or before April 30, 2014.

Initial Teaching edTPA
Educating All Students Test (EAS)
Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)
Content Specialty Tests (CST)
Initial School Building Leader School Building Leader Assessment (SBL)
Educating All Students Test (EAS)

Undergraduate Programs

Program Name Certification Title
Art Education Visual Art (All Grades)
English Education English Language Arts (7-12)
Health and Physical Education Health Education (All Grades) & Physical Education (All Grades)
Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education Early Childhood (Birth-2) and Students with Disabilities (Birth-2)
Inclusive Elementary & Special Education Childhood Education (1-6) & Special Education/Students with Disabilities (1-6)
Mathematics Education Mathematics (7-12)
Music Education Music (All Grades)
Physical Education Physical Education (All Grades)
Science Education/Biology Biology (7-12)
Science Education/Chemistry Chemistry (7-12)
Science Education/Earth Science Earth Science (7-12)
Science Education/Physics Physics (7-12)
Social Studies Education Social Studies (7-12)
Spanish Education Spanish (7-12)

Graduate Programs

Program Name Certification Title
Art Education Prep Visual Arts (All Grades)
Art Education Professional Certification Visual Arts (All Grades)
Childhood Education Prep (1-6)
(not accepting new applicants)
Childhood Education (1-6)
Early Childhood Special Education Early Childhood Education (Birth-2)
and Students with Disabilities (Birth-2)
Educational Leadership School Building Leader
School District Leader
English Education Prep (7-12) English Language Arts (7-12)
Inclusive Special Education Prep (1-6) Students with Disabilities (1-6)
Inclusive Special Education Prep (7-12 Generalist) Students with Disabilities (7-12)
Inclusive Special Education: Severe/Multiple Disabilities Severe/Multiple Disabilities Annotation
Instructional Technology Educational Technology Specialist (All Grades)
* Library & Info Science: School Media Library Media Specialist (All Grades)
Literacy Education (Birth-12) Literacy (Birth-6) and Literacy (5-12)
Mathematics Education Prep (7-12) Mathematics (7-12)
Music Education Prep Music (All Grades)
Music Education Professional Certification - MS/MMus Music (All Grades)
Science/Biology Prep (7-12) Biology (7-12)
Science/Chemistry Prep (7-12) Chemistry (7-12)
Science/Earth Science Prep (7-12) Earth Science (7-12)
Science/Physics Prep (7-12) Physics (7-12)
School Counseling (M.S.) School Counselor (Provisional K-12)
School Counseling(C.A.S.) School Counselor (Permanent K-12)
Social Studies Prep (7-12) Social Studies (7-12)
** Speech-Language Pathology (NYT) Speech & Language Disabilities (All Grades)
Teaching English Language Learners English to Speakers of Other Languages (All Grades)

* Program offered through School of Information Studies
** Program offered through College of Arts & Sciences