Please email us at for assistance. Using email to contact us is the most efficient method, as this automatically creates a helpdesk ticket and notifies the staff.

We are available Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.  We generally monitor incoming tickets for system critical issues during off hours.  Emailing is what makes this monitoring possible and why we request that as the means to report any issues.  We will respond by the next business day at the latest.  Alternatively, you may call and leave voicemail at 315-443-5002 as this account is checked periodically.

We support SOE provided equipment and SU Enterprise resources in conjunction with ITS.  Support for personally owned equipment is limited to assistance connecting to SU resources, such as email, WiFi, and network drives.  If you are looking for specialized equipment or software for work purposes that we don't already provide, such as research equipment, assistive technology, analytic software, etc., please consult with us (via an email to for licensing, procurement, installation, and support expectations.

Our Staff

Names, Titles, and Contact Information
NameTitleContact Info
Paula Maxwell IT Manager 443-5002
Laurie Ferger Web Consultant 315-484-7970
Sean Peterson Computer Consultant I 315-443-5002
Shannon Thibault Computer Consultant I 315-443-5002