“Unmatched Opportunities”: What Alumni Are Saying About School of Education Teacher Prep Programs

Syracuse University School of Education prides itself on opening new possibilities for its students, preparing them to be highly effective, transformational teachers in equitable and inclusive learning communities.

In particular, extensive applied learning opportunities differentiate the School of Education. Undergraduate and graduate student teachers alike engage in multiple closely supervised field placements in a variety of urban and suburban school settings, so that by the time they graduate, they are ready to lead their own classrooms and lead in their workplaces.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what alumni are saying about how SOE trains and prepares the teachers of tomorrow …

Claudia Felth headshot

“Syracuse University School of Education prepared me for a wonderfully diverse range of students. The program is one of the most challenging yet rewarding in the country and as a graduate you will be at the top of your professional class.”
Claudia Felth ’10, Inclusive Elementary and Special Education

SOE Pennant

“Syracuse University School of Education gives you the best teaching preparation. I’ve spoken to a lot of teachers over the years who all had different undergrad experiences and programs. The School of Education is the most comprehensive program out there.”
Shelly Wilbar ’13, Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Connor Renaud headshot

“The School of Education prepared me greatly! I learned how to forge connections with students and families and to connect their learning to their lives. I was given great experiences at SU that I still benefit from today. You won’t find a better experience!”
Connor Renaud ’17, Social Studies Education

Ariana Rosario headshot

“Syracuse University School of Education offers so many different opportunities. As someone who worked full-time and did my master’s, they were very flexible and helped me achieve my goals. I am so grateful for the opportunities Syracuse University offered me. I learned about linguistics, how to be culturally responsive, and how to advocate for students.”
Ariana M Rosario G’18, English as a Second Language

SOE Pennant

“The idea of an accelerated one-year program that prioritized antiracist pedagogy drew me to this program. Now, more than ever, we need teachers who can work collaboratively to educate diverse learners in a way that honors each student’s strengths and needs.”
Meghan Morrol G’23, Science Education (Grades 7-12)

Allison Pascoe headshot

“You should choose Syracuse University School of Education because you will feel so prepared to take on whatever role or job you can imagine when you graduate!”
Allison Pasco ’22, Music Education

Autumn Figueroa headshot

“The School of Education provides opportunities for students to engage in meaningful experiences that prepare them for world we live in. Opportunities at SU are unmatched!”
Autumn Figueroa ’04, Selected Studies in Education; G’06, Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)

Lisa Scott headshot

“Many of my colleagues approach education as a series of activities to be completed, but my background at the School of Education made me a reflective professional, one who approaches my students and curriculum with a critical eye for what was best for them.”
Lisa Scott ’88, Early Childhood Education

Peter Gerlach headshot

“As a leader in education studies, the School of Education will provide you an excellent foundation for your life, as a prepared educator and—more importantly—as an intentionally focused, critically conscious, and self-aware person.”
Peter Gerlach G’15, Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education

Sydney Levine headshot

“The best part about my first day as a second grade teacher was that I could not have felt more ready. I am so excited to apply all I have learned from the School of Education. My teachers really had a wonderful impact on me and on my teaching experience.”
Sydney Levine ’22, Inclusive Elementary and Special Education