Professor George Theoharis Comments on Uptick in NYS Homeschooling

(CNY Central | March 16, 2023) New analysis released last month by The Education Trust finds the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated declining enrollment in New York State schools.

This is driving the largest enrollment loss in the nation between the 2019-2020 school year and the 2021-2022 school year.

But the analysis did see enrollment increases in charter schools and homeschooling statewide …

… “So a lot of kids come to school, the reason they come everyday is for those other things. Whether its Science Olympiad, the basketball team, the choir or drama. Those things have a curricular component but the extracurricular component, that for some students, that’s the magic of school right?” said Syracuse University School of Education Professor George Theoharis.

In addition to the social aspects schools provide.

“It’s getting along with people, waiting your turn whether that be when you are five or 18. All those things are part of school, it’s enduring through things that hard, whether you don’t like them or they’re academically hard,” Theoharis said.

But Theoharis said making the decision should really come down to each student’s situation …

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