George Theoharis

George Theoharis
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Phone: 315.443.2685
Address: 150 Huntington Hall

In addition to being an accomplished scholar, George Theoharis also has had extensive field experience in education as a teacher, administrator and principal in the Madison Metropolitan School District. He is a professor in educational leadership and inclusive elementary education in the department of Teaching and Leadership. He teaches classes in educational leadership and elementary social studies methods.

Professor Theoharis completed his Ph.D. degree in educational leadership and policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


  •  Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research & Scholarship

Research Focus:

Equity, social justice, diversity, inclusion, urban education, and school reform.

His research focuses on public school leaders committed to equity and justice, the successes/reforms these leaders accomplish, and the resistance they face.

Recent Publications

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