NYSED to Phase Out Regents as Graduation Requirement: Professor George Theoharis Weighs In

(CNY Central | June 11, 2024) The New York State Education Department (NYSED) says taking Regents exams could no longer be a high school graduation requirement for students if their proposal is approved.

George TheoharisSyracuse University education professor George Theoharis expressed worry that people may say schools are lowering standards by no longer making Regents exams a graduation requirement.

“I think a downside could be people worrying and feeling like our schools are slipping because of that.”

Theoharis said during COVID this shift to eliminate Regents was already happening.

“This might be a lesson we learned,” said Theoharis. “We can still have high standards in high schools and kids can still graduate with a meaningful education and maybe the Regents are not necessary at this point in time” …

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