Kristen Luschen named Dean of Multicultural Education at Hampshire College

Kristen LuschenKristen Luschen, ’05, Ph.D., Cultural Foundations of Education, associate professor of Education Studies, is the new Dean of Multicultural Education and Inclusion at Hampshire College. Professor Luschen will address issues of diversity and inclusion related to the academic program and will work closely with faculty, staff and students to address academic policy, curriculum, teaching, and advising.  She will be part of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Education and will work in collaboration with Diana Fernandez, the Chief Diversity Officer. Professor Luschen’s research and teaching is committed to critical multicultural education and critical race theory in education.  Her other areas of teaching interest and scholarship are in youth studies, community engaged learning, qualitative research methodology, critical policy analysis in education, and critical and feminist pedagogy.  She was a member of the executive council of the American Educational Studies Association (2009-2013).  From 2003 to the present, she has served as founding faculty and member of the steering committee in the Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth and Learning Program (CYL). Her most recent publication is an edited book exploring pedagogies and methodologies of collaboration, inclusion and voice. In addition to her teaching and scholarship, Kristen has served as the CYL Program director for three years, participated in the Intergroup Dialogue Training and Faculty seminar, and the Community Engaged Learning Network. She was also instrumental in advancing the work of the Academic Program Committee of the Diversity Committee and the Affirmative Action Committee.