Art Education professor Sharif Bey awarded the 2014 John Michael Kohler Art Center Residency

Sharif BeySharif Bey, Assistant Professor of Art Education at the School of Education, has been awarded the 2014 John Michael Kohler Art Center Arts/Industry Residency. He was one of 13 artists chosen from a pool of 415 applicants. Bey will be in residence at the Kohler Center from February 16-March 22.

Sharif Bey Proposal Abstract
“Although my works are created in proximity to the body in a small intimate studio, they are designed to activate large spaces. While I appreciate the influence my small studio has had on the formative stages of this work, I am interested in pushing the boundaries of scale beyond the object itself and into the realm of installation art. With the support of the Cast Shop and technical staff I intend to produce a series of large-scale sculptures and installations that incorporate multiple large slip cast forms. To this point the majority of my work has been created in Earthenware. I am also eager to explore a new high-fire glaze palette while in residence at the John Michael Kohler Art Center. The industrial facilities and space will afford me the opportunity to produce large molds, a high volume of cast forms and the advantage of envisioning larger assembled pieces as they evolve: luxuries I don’t currently have.”

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