Kelly Chandler-Olcott on Importance of Inclusion in Writing Instruction

Kelly Chandler-OlcottKelly Chandler-Olcott, Laura J. & L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence in Reading and Language Arts, wrote about the benefit of classrooms that include all students for the Harvard Education Publishing Group Voices in Education blog. In “Why Writing Instruction Works Best in Inclusive Settings”, Chandler-Olcott says:

A commitment to educating students with and without disabilities—as well as native English speakers and English learners—alongside each other in responsive learning communities can help ameliorate some of the flaws that plague low-track classes, including lowered teacher expectations and reduced opportunities to compose complex disciplinary texts.

Chandler-Olcott wrote more about writing instruction, inclusive practice, and what she learned in four years of collaborative leadership and teaching at a summer writing institute in her new book, A Good Fit for All Kids: Collaborating to Teach Writing in Diverse, Inclusive Settings.

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