AI & College Teaching: Professor Jing Lei Quoted by Forbes

Are You Ready To Use AI In Your Teaching?

(Forbes | June 17, 2024) College faculty are uncertain about the use of AI. Most talk related to AI among non-science faculty pertains to how students might be using it to cheat rather than how they can use it to streamline their own work or how to be innovative in their approaches to teaching.

Jing LeiAnthology is hoping to simplify many of the components of teaching through the use of AI in its learning management system (LMS) — Blackboard Learn Ultra …

… Matthijs believes that faculty should be less concerned with catching students using AI for cheating and more focused on how students can use AI to creatively complete assignments and assist them in their learning process. He cautioned that AI detectors often don’t always work — there are many false positives — and a “detection” culture can feel alienating for students.

Moreover, AI detectors are more likely to label non-English writers as AI-written. According to Jing Lei, a professor in Syracuse University’s School of Education who specialized in technology integration, “A teacher’s best tool in detecting any potential violation of academic integrity is their understanding of their own students.”

Anthology has been thinking extensively about the issue of integrity and AI, releasing a white paper pertaining to the topic. AI, Academic Integrity, and Authentic Assessment: An Ethical Path Forward for Education focuses on four main ideas:

  1. AI is here to stay, and colleges and universities should focus on building on its benefits rather than merely restricting its threats;
  2. AI will bring about large changes just like other innovations in learning;
  3. AI necessitates flexible policies and practices;
  4. Empowering faculty in the use of AI is essential to its use and fostering integrity …

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