Academic Departments

The School of Education’s seven academic departments house academic programs, faculty research projects, and collaborative partnerships.

Counseling & Human Services

Derek Seward, Associate Professor; Chair of Counseling and Human Services|315.443.9623
Derek Seward
Sindy Pitts, Office Coordinator|315.443.2266
Sindy Pitts

Cultural Foundations of Education

Barbara Applebaum, Chair of Cultural Foundations of Education; Professor|315.443.3702
Barbara Applebaum
Maryann Barker, Office Coordinator|315.443.3343
Maryann Barker

Exercise Science

Tom Brutsaert, Professor|315.443.9697
Tom Brutsaert
Donna Fecteau, Administrative Assistant|315.443.9696
Donna Fecteau

Higher Education

Dawn Johnson, Chair of Higher Education; Associate Professor|315.443.3130
Dawn Johnson
Lisa Battalino, Office Coordinator|315-443-4763

Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation

Jing Lei, Chair of IDD&E; Professor|315.443.1362
Jing Lei
Rebecca Pettit, Office Coordinator|315.443.3703

Reading & Language Arts

Marcelle Haddix, Chair of Reading and Language Arts; Dean's Professor|315.443.7642
Marcelle Haddix
Cleopatra Benitez, Office Coordinator|315.443.4755

Teaching & Leadership

Benjamin Dotger, Professor; Chair of Teaching & Leadership|315.443.1937
Benjamin Dotger
Michelle Mondo, Office Coordinator; Extended Campus Coordinator|315.443.2685
Michelle Mondo

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