Beth Myers recognized for patience and support by Center for Disability Resources

Every year, the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) recognizes faculty and staff members who are nominated for their work in advocating for students and supporting the center in its mission to empower students, enhance equity and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

Beth MyersThis year the center received 67 nominations—the highest ever—from students who wanted to acknowledge the faculty or staff member who made a difference in their academic lives. The final honorees include Beth Myers, Lawrence B. Taishoff Assistant Professor of Inclusive Education, director of the Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education, and assistant director of the Center on Disability and Inclusion.

Myers’ nominator, Natalie, says:

“Beth was an amazing listener in a difficult time for me. I had major challenges focusing to complete my assignments the semester I had her (but was too overwhelmed to nominate, so here we are). She already has thoroughly read my accommodation letter before the first class period (I’ve never had any other professor do that), and she already had taken notes on it to ask me for clarification on what certain ones meant. When I vulnerably stated that I simply couldn’t get my assignments done because I was struggling to focus, Beth deliberately offered me a space to sit in her office and work while she was there to help me have the accountability I needed to get going on the assignments. She also was extremely open to feedback about how I found a specific reading triggering and really took my feedback and heard it through to improve going forward without being defensive. She also was big on universal design and accessibility. This was incredibly helpful to me! Beth is a huge inspiration!”

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