Disability Studies Minor

The minor in Disability Studies is designed to help students understand disability from social, cultural, and political perspectives.

This interdisciplinary program explores disability as a social and cultural phenomenon across of law, policy, identity, education, geography, history, sociology, anthropology, intersectionality, representation, and technology.

“I am minoring in Disability Studies because I am interested in how disability is perceived and constructed within our society. With this minor, I can actively work to shift the misconceptions and misinformation surrounding disability in our schools.” – Patricia Maciolek ‘19, Inclusive Elementary and Special Education Major

Minor Requirements

The Disability Studies minor requires 18 credits, with at least 4 total courses with a DSP prefix, and at least 4 total courses at the 300 level or above. Classes may include disability and its intersection with popular culture, gender, race, class, aging, community, diversity, politics, social contexts, and technology. Students will choose their courses to fit these requirements with the disability studies minor program advisor. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.

Declaring a Minor

If you are interesting in declaring a minor, talk to your advisor in your home school or college to see if you have enough room for the courses, a minimum of a 2.8 GPA, and complete the Minor Declaration Form. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Services or the Disability Studies minor program coordinator.

Program Contacts

Michael Gill, Associate Professor|315.443.9074
Michael Gill
Maryann Barker, Academic Operations Support Specialist|315.443.9878
Maryann Barker