Dance Appreciation and Practice Minor

Make your love of dance part of your college degree. The minor in Dance Appreciation and Practice gives students a foundation in dance history, choreography, kinesiology, and technique, preparing them for creative endeavors and increasing self-awareness and self-confidence.

This minor supports interdisciplinary thinking with any major, by making connections to other areas that students are studying. Successful students come with a curious mind, a love for dance, and self-discipline. Small classes with supportive faculty provide opportunities for the development of meaningful and sustained relationships and mentorship.

Students in anthropology, sciences, business, sociology, communications, education, or psychology can support creative interdisciplinary approaches to traditional careers. This program also provides a solid practical foundation for those working toward therapeutic settings like physical therapy, counseling, or occupational therapy. A trained dancer moves with poise and confidence, providing an advantage in future personal and professional situations.

While the College of Visual and Performing Arts offers dance classes that are only for students who have auditioned and been accepted to the major, the Dance Appreciation and Practice minor lets students continue their engagement with dance while they pursue other areas of study.

Minor Requirements

The Dance Appreciation and Practice minor requires 18 credits, including 3 required classes and electives based on interests and skill level. Classes include choreography, western dance, ballet, modern, kinesiology, wellness, and other forms of dance. Through Independent Study, students may deepen their exploration of pedagogy, somatics, or cultural dance forms. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.

Declaring a Minor

No audition is required for the Dance Appreciation and Practice minor. If you are interesting in declaring a minor, talk to your advisor in your home school or college to see if you have enough room for the courses, at least four semesters left at Syracuse to meet requirements, a minimum of a 2.8 GPA, and complete the Minor Declaration Form. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Services or the minor program coordinator.

Program Contact

Suzanne Oliver