Music Education (All Grades), M.S./M.Mus.

Program Requirements

The Music Education Preparation M.S. program requires 47 credits. This includes multiple field experiences (including two full-time student teaching placements) in urban, rural, and suburban school settings. Degree candidates benefit from contact with a variety of teaching professionals, and by working with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

In addition, preparation students may be required to take liberal arts courses to fulfill prerequisite requirements for New York State teaching certification. Many of these are usually fulfilled by previous undergraduate and graduate study, or can be completed prior to graduation from your master’s program. These requirements are determined by transcript review during the admissions process; contact the department for more information.

The Music Education Professional M.Mus. program require 33 credits. You’ll work closely with your advisor to choose a program and electives to match your personal and professional interests. Liberal arts requirements will have been fulfilled by existing initial certification requirements.

Coursework areas may include:

  • Advanced Tonal Analysis
  • Introduction to Research in Music
  • Curriculum Development in Music Education
  • Advanced Instrumental/Choral Rehearsal Techniques in Music Education
  • Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Music
  • Methods, Materials, and Inclusive Practices in General Music

All students will will complete their degree program with a master’s exam, thesis, or lecture recital. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog for the Preparation M.S. or the Professional M.Mus.