Cultural Foundations of Education, M.S.

The M.S. program in Cultural Foundations of Education is designed to foster and support fundamental inquiry into the nature of education.

This program in the Department of Cultural Foundations of Education draws on history, philosophy, sociology and other disciplines to analyze issues in education such as educational research, including disability studies, gender studies, popular culture, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, and intergroup dialogue. Each program is designed individually in collaboration with their advisor, based on personal and research interests.

The School of Education and the College of Law also offer a joint J.D./M.S. program that allows students to complete both programs in three years, as well as an optional C.A.S. in Disability Studies. This joint degree adds an additional emphasis on Disability law and policy.

Why Cultural Foundations of Education at Syracuse?

  • Designed for the student seeking a broad education with disciplinary competence, rather than a narrowly specialized program of study.
  • An emphasis on exploring diverse research approaches, such as combining philosophical analysis with empirical work or historical research with policy analysis.
  • A close community of scholars that share a common vocabulary: we believe that the social and personal aspects of community are important for students to flourish.
  • Faculty members are well-known in their fields and actively engaged in ongoing research. The department’s outstanding graduate students collaborate with faculty in research, publishing, and professional activities. The department regularly sponsors opportunities for students and faculty to share their work, discuss current issues, or read and critique current articles.
  • Take part in School of Education short-term study abroad programs around the world. Through the Himan Brown Fellowship, School of Education students are also eligible for exclusive funding to support study abroad experiences.

Graduates work in a wide range of educational, research, and advocacy roles including:

  • Teaching or research in higher education
  • Foundation and policy work
  • Government and K-12 school systems
  • History, philosophy, or sociology of education
  • Analysis of popular culture and mass media
  • Social justice, intersectionality, activism and advocacy
  • Further studies in Cultural Foundations of Education or another area of interest

Program Contacts

Maryann Barker, Office Coordinator|315.443.3343
Maryann Barker
Speranza Migliore, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment|315.443.2505