Teaching English Language Learners, M.S.

The M.S. programs in Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) are not currently accepting applications

Program Requirements

The Teaching English Language Learners: 1st Certification master’s program requires 40 credits. This includes two full-time student teaching placements in local urban and suburban schools, at the elementary and secondary level. This program can be completed in 14 months of full-time study.

In addition, students with no previous teacher certification may be required to take a series of liberal arts distribution courses to fulfill prerequisite requirements for certification. Many of these are usually fulfilled by previous undergraduate and graduate study, or can be completed after you start your master’s program (but before graduation). These requirements are determined by reviewing your transcripts during the admissions process; contact the department for more information.

The Teaching English Language Learners (as an additional certification area) master’s program requires 30 credits; liberal arts and other requirements will have been fulfilled by existing certifications. This program can be completed in 10 months of full-time study.

Both programs are designed for full-time study, however part-time study may be possible for some or all semesters. This requires careful advanced planning, as well as time flexibility for daytime classes and placements including in summer.

Coursework areas may include:

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Methods of Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Issues in Multicultural Literacy
  • Linguistics for Teachers of ELLs
  • Early Intervention for Children’s Reading Problems
  • Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs

All students will also participate in placements corresponding with various methods courses, and will cap off their degree program with a master’s exam, thesis, or special project. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog for the 1st Certification M.S. and the Professional M.S.