Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Ph.D.

The Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation doctoral program requires a minimum of 90 graduate credits beyond the undergraduate degree, and at least 9 credits of dissertation work. Coursework and research is typically completed in 3-4 years of full-time study.

Students will take a minimum of 51 credits of instructional design or related area coursework. This includes a set of instructional design depth courses (21 credits) in addition to the Master’s degree equivalent courses (30 credits) that will be transferred in or taken prior to beginning the doctoral program. Coursework areas may include:

  • The Nature and Design of Inquiry
  • Modeling and Simulations in Education
  • Motivation in Instructional Design
  • Educational Media Theory and Research
  • Design and Management of Distance Education
  • Methods and Techniques for Teaching and Training Adults

Other Requirements

  • 30 credits in research methodology and data analysis including both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Research apprenticeship, typically in the context of a required or elective course or as an independent study with the student’s advisor. This mentored research experience often leads to a professional co-authored publication.
  • Portfolio review or examination after at least 45 credits of doctoral work.
  • Residency activities, possibly including presentations, publications, service work, or networking.
  • Doctoral Qualifying Exam (2 parts; both must be completed within one year).
  • Dissertation proposal, writing, submission, and defense (within 5 years of exam).

More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.