Placement Transportation Information - Jamesville DeWitt

The School of Education will provide transportation for the Spring 2018 semester to placements to:

  • Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School
  • Jamesville-DeWitt High School
  • Moses-Dewitt Elementary
  • Tecumseh Elementary
  • Jamesville Elementary
  • Manlius Pebble Hill

The Birnie bus will pick up and drop off from College Place for these schools.

In order to secure transportation, email with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Course name and # requiring this placement (201, 304, Block 2, etc.)
  • School for your placement
  • Dates: (For example, Jan. 15-March 7th; or February 10-March 6th)
  • Days of the week (For example, Mon. or Tues or M-F)
  • Times: Approximate time you are required to be at your placement and when you need to be picked up.

You will need to email the information described above to by 1:00 p.m. at least 3 days before you need transportation and sooner if possible. If you do not email this info,we will assume that you do not need transportation and you will not be able to ride the bus. You will be responsible for getting to your placement on your own. 

If you are NOT going to need transportation on a particular day when you are scheduled to ride the van, you MUST email to inform us of this change by 1:00 p.m. of the work day before you will be not needing your ride.  Failure to do this may result in you not being able to use University Transportation to SOE placements.  

If there is a health or family emergency during the night, you will need to email before 6:00 a.m. to avoid being taken off the SOE transportation.

Bus Procedure

The bus will depart from and return to the stop on College Place in front of Sims Hall with the CPCS, Say Yes and SOE sign in front of Sims Hall. The bus will travel on predetermined routes that will go to a number of schools. The times and routes are set to accommodate a number of students placed at many schools in our community.

It is important you arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early to College Place as the bus will depart at its scheduled time, and is unable to wait for individual students or return to College Place to get students who missed the bus.

If there is an issue with the Jamesville Dewitt transportation (ie: the bus doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time) – please call or text Tom Bull at 315-440-2183. You should not call the Shaw Center as the Jamesville Dewitt buses are not a part of the Shaw Center's bus system. 

Spring 2018 Availability

The bus transportation system begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 and runs through Friday, May 4, 2018.  The buses will not run on 2/19-2/23, 4/23-4/27 as those are dates the schools are closed.

School Closings and Delays

School closed - The bus will not run.

School Delay (One-hour or two-hour school delay) - The bus will be able to provide transportation on a limited basis to schools with snow delays.  

  • If there is a one or a two-hour delay, bus will operate the morning portion of the route, based on the length of the delay. For example, if there is a two hour delay in the Jamesville Dewitt district, the 8:00 scheduled pick-up will still occur, but at 10:00 (at College Place).
  • Late morning and afternoon school pick-ups will occur as scheduled.
  • There will be NO placements for students who go for only the morning on snow delays. We will treat this like a 1/2 day snow day. SU students who were supposed to go for a morning half-day will not go to a placement that day. You will need to let the teachers you are working with know this ahead of time.
  • Bus will pick up from schools on the regular schedule in the afternoon.
  • Students will need to make a plan ahead of time with other students from their same class for when snow-delays happen.
  • SU students are responsible to paying attention to schools closings and delays. All students who are going to schools on this bus route will follow the Jamesville Dewitt School District delays and school closings.