Psycho-Educational Teaching Laboratory

Who we are

Syracuse University’s Psychoeducational Teaching Laboratory evaluates approximately 30 preschool through secondary students each year, all of whom present puzzling learning and/or behavioral difficulties. With the exception of preschoolers, these students already have been seen by their own school teams and the school personnel or parents are seeking more information regarding the nature of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and appropriate intervention strategies. The clinic’s teams consist of graduate students in:school psychology, learning disabilities, severe/profound disabilities, early childhood, and related areas.

What we do

Assessments involve three or four visits to the clinic on the part of the child and family, each visit lasting approximately three hours. Areas evaluated include intellectual, perceptual, language, neuropsychological, socio-emotional, reading, spelling, math, written expression, and study skill characteristics. In addition to using standardized measures, the laboratory encourages systematic observations at home and school, as well as the use of criterion-referenced tools, curriculum-based assessment, informal task analysis, and trial teaching.  In order to to suggest intervention strategies that will best meet his/her needs, our goal is to determine, within the context in which the child lives and studies

  • a child’s knowledge base
  • unique learning style
  • behavioral characteristics

Parents observe all assessment activities through a one-way mirror and are actively involved in deliberations with team members. The school staff is also encouraged to become involved. School and home visits are customary prior to beginning assessments. Upon completion of an assessment, a written report is sent and parent-student-school conferences are held. Frequently, evaluations culminate with presentations at Committee on Special Education meetings or testifying at impartial hearings.


The cost of the evaluation, which is subsidized through Syracuse University, is $500, half payable at the start of the evaluation and the remainder paid at the parent conference. This is a significant discount, as comparable testing within the community through private evaluators would cost approximately $3500. As the Children’s Psychoeducational Clinic is a non-profit clinic, the cost of the evaluations is used to purchase assessment materials for the clinic. The cost of the evaluation is typically not covered by insurance, as the clinic is a graduate training clinic. Clients can be placed on a payment plan where the cost of the evaluation is spread over several months if $250 payments are not possible based on financial circumstances.


If you are interested in pursuing an evaluation with the Syracuse University Psychoeducational Clinic, please contact:

Dr. Michelle Storie, Director of the Clinic
Phone: (315)450-5269

The intake process consists of completion of forms, which, once returned hold the client’s spot on the waiting list, if available. Evaluations typically occur over the spring and summer in accordance with Syracuse University scheduling.