Victoria Lanceri

Full length photo of Victoria Lanceri

B.S in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education; Minor in Disability Studies '14

Hometown: Rochester, NY

What was your childhood ambition?
I have always wanted to be an elementary special education teacher.

What is a class textbook that you would never sell back?
Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College By Doug Lemov and Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners By Paula Rutherford (Any teaching book I had to buy)

What is your favorite non-School of Education class?
AAS 231: African American Literature to 1900

What is your favorite study spot?
Basement of Huntington in the comfy chairs by 070B room

What was your most valuable experience at the School of Education?
The most valuable experience that I have had at the School of Education has been meeting the other people in my block and being able to move from year to year with the same people. In my program, we have a cohort of peers that we are in class with every semester that we are in block. These people have become my family while I am at school. Some of us began our journey together living on the same floor in the Education Living Learning Community (ELLC). Living on the same floor allowed us to create unbreakable bonds. The people that I meet in ELLC have become lifelong friends even though some of them decided not to pursue education. I know that I can go to anyone of them if I ever need to talk or if I have a problem. I don’t think my college experience would have been the same if I didn’t have these people in my life. My professors in the School of Education have also helped make my college experience amazing. All the professors that I have had from SOE have been great and I have learned so much from them. All of them are so knowledgeable in their respective fields that I am truly learning from the best of the best. I am going to be a great teacher because I have taken classes from them. I am a better person since I have met both my "Block Lovin" family and my professors and I am eternally grateful to them all.

Who was the most influential person in your college career?
The most influential person in my college career would definitely have to be my mom, Debbie Lanceri. She has always pushed me to succeed and do my best at everything that I do. Growing up, she always made sure that my siblings and I were succeeding in school and following our dreams. She is the reason that I am at Syracuse University pursuing my dream of being a teacher. I can never repay her for everything that she has helped me accomplish. She really is my hero and the most influential person not only in my college career but, more importantly, my life.

What honors and awards have you received?
Photo of Victoria at the Holocaust Museum in Houston.I have been on the dean’s list for every semester so far since freshman year and I hope to continue until I graduate. The highest honor I have been awarded would have to be getting accepted and doing the Spector/Warren Fellowship this January. Along with 21 other people I went to Houston, Texas and we studied at the Holocaust Museum Houston to learn about the Holocaust. I learned from distinguished Holocaust scholars, guest lectures, and survivors about the Holocaust and its impact that it has today. I will never forget the messages that I learned from the survivors and all the people that I met while in Houston. This was a life changing experience and I am a better person because of it. In the fall semester of 2013 I was accepted to complete my student teaching in New York City so I am excited to experience the city and to teach in it.

How else are you involved in the community?
I have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, NY ever since I was young. My mom has always raised me to give back to my community and to volunteer whenever possible. The Ronald McDonald house is very important to me and I try to volunteer as much as possible when I’m back in Rochester.