“People to Help You Succeed”: What Alumni Are Saying About the School of Education’s Learning Community

The School of Education is a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and proud community that supports the diverse perspectives and distinct potential of all its learners. You’ll find these values reflected in these testimonials.

SOE alumni often use the words “family,” “team,” and “community” when recalling their alma mater. There is no doubt that they are #ProudtoBeSOE!

It’s one of SOE’s strengths—when you join our learning community become a member of a tight-knit group that supports one another. At the same time, you can enjoy all the advantages of the wider Syracuse campus, both its amenities and the opportunities that come from studying at a world-class R1 research institution.

Alex Glowgower headshot

“Syracuse University School of Education prepared me with hands-on experience, and we were able to learn from one another inside and outside the classroom. SOE is not just a school; it’s a family. If you want a supportive school community, choose a place where your peers and teachers truly care about you, your wellbeing, and your future.”
—Alexis Glogower ’21, Inclusive Elementary Special Education

Makaela Simmons headshot

“The School of Education taught me how to reach a range of learners while still holding the bar high for students. It also taught me a team mentality because I worked closely with my peers to plan lessons and create projects.”
—Makaela Simmons ’17, Inclusive Elementary and Special Education

Keith Newvine headshot

“The School of Education provided me with the learning spaces and critical conversations I needed to become the educator I am today. At SOE, you are family—forever!”
—Keith Newvine ’04, English Education; G’08 M.S. and G’22 Ph.D. in Literacy Education

Alexa Romero headshot

“You should choose the School of Education for the community and family atmosphere. Everyone welcomes you. You will never feel like you are alone. Great staff and people are there to help you succeed.”
—Alexa Romero ’20, Selected Studies in Education

William Drew headshot

“Educating and instilling curiosity in our younger generations is arguably the most important contribution we can make to having a wholesome and healthy world! The School of Education not only offers the opportunities to find what piques your curiosity, it gives you the tools to educate others around you.”
—William Drew ’09, Health and Exercise Science

Raquel Nurse McNabb headshot

“As an international student of color, the School of Education provided an environment where I felt valued as an individual and where my perspective was heard and encouraged.”
—Raquel Nurse McNabb ’98, G’99, Physical Education

Nicole Condon-Shih headshot

“The School of Education is such a supportive environment, with professors who are leaders in their fields. The School is a community—a community that learns about learning.”
—Nicole Condon-Shih G’02, Arts Education

Rachel Karchmer-Klein headshot

“The effort put into building a community and the support you feel while pursuing your goal are what drew me
to Syracuse.”
—Rachel Karchmer-Klein G’99, Ph.D. in Reading Education

John Nehme headshot

“School of Education programs are designed the way institutions are supposed to educate and develop their students. You’ll be challenged to think critically, communicate persuasively, and develop a strong sense of community within the cohort.”
—John Nehme G’12, Higher Education

Lindsay Sheridan headshot

“My Syracuse experience has given me amazing educational opportunities, lifelong friendships, and overall life experiences that have truly shaped me into the person I now am after four lucky years on this campus.”
—Lindsay Sheridan ’22, Mathematics Education

Zoe Haigh headshot

“The School of Education is a tight knit community that builds future educators. It provides ample opportunity for students to get into the classroom, and unlike other schools, you’re in the classroom your freshman year. SOE continues to support you after graduation. I am so thankful for this community and all the support and love I’ve received—I’m proud to be SOE!”
—Zoe Haigh ’21, English Education

Bryan Ripley Crandall headshot

“I am because we are. The School of Education shaped me to think like a researcher, to always be inclusive, to see the power in writing our lives, and to put my work into action.”
—Bryan Ripley Crandall G’12, Ph.D. in English Education