School of Education Welcomes Visiting Scholar Professor Chenggang Zhang

Syracuse University School of Education welcomes Professor Chenggang Zhang—an expert on the relationship among society, education, and modern technologies, including artificial intelligence—as a visiting scholar through November 2024.

Professor Zhang is currently a professor in the Department of Sociology and the Dean of the Institute of Social Governance and Development at Tsinghua University, China. He also serves as a member of the expert group of the United Nations Conference on Technological Progress and Sustainable Development, and the Chairman of the Chinese Association of Sociology of Technology.

Addressing such research areas as the sociology of education and sociology of technology, Zhang has a strong interest in the interaction between technology and society, especially the issues of educational equity and social justice in the information age and ethical norms and social governance in the era of artificial intelligence.

The author of more than 130 articles in academic journals, Zhang’s monographs include Research on Modern Technology Issues (2005), Research on Technology and Modernity (2013), and Towards the Era of Artificial Intelligence Governance (2023). He has translated or co-translated Real Science by John Ziman (2002), Postmodern Ethics by Zygmunt Bauman (2003), Understanding Scientific Reasoning by Ronald Giere et al. (2010), and Conversation of Technology, Time, and Modernity by Lorenzo C. Simpson (2016).