Professor George Theoharis’ “Five Practices for Equity-Focused School Leadership” Wins Equity Award

Five Practices for Equity-Focused School Leadership (ASCD, 2022)—co-authored by Professor George Theoharis, Gretchen Givens Generett, Mark Anthony Gooden, and Sharon I. Radd—has been awarded “Best Book for Educators” by the American Consortium for Equity in Education (ACE-ED).

Five Practices for Equity-Focused School Leadership book coverThe Excellence in Equity 2022 awards recognizes companies, leaders, authors, and educators whose efforts are helping schools achieve equity everywhere, what ACE-ED calls “a a non-negotiable priority” for preK-12 education. As part of its advocacy on behalf of the education industry, ACE-ED publishes Equity & Access PreK-12 magazine and Education Talk Radio podcast.

Five Practices for Equity-Focused School Leadership provides a comprehensive guide for school leaders who desire to engage their school communities in transformative systemic change. The co-authors offer five practices to increase educational equity and eliminate marginalization based on race, disability, socioeconomics, language, gender and sexual identity, and religion.

Other Excellence in Equity 2022 winners included district and school leaders, general and special education teachers, mental health professionals, librarians, school support staff, education technology partners, and school community partners.

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