“Donut” Forget Our Schools: School of Education to Celebrate Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 2024

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 2024 will be celebrated across May 6 to 10, and during that week Syracuse University School of Education will reward one special school with breakfast coffee and donuts, sponsored by Syracuse favorite Glazed and Confused.

Leading up to the week, Central New York teachers, staff, administrators, and parents have been voting—in droves; more than 800 ballots have been counted—for which school will be “sprinkled” with love and a visit from School of Education.

While one school will get the pastries and joe, all staff and teachers at our local schools deserve recognition for their consistent hard work on behalf of their students and communities. With that in mind, here are what the voters are passionately saying about their schools, taken from the competition entry forms …

“You will never meet a faculty and staff that goes as above and beyond for their students. One example is we had a rehearsal planned for our PARP assembly. On rehearsal day, the district had a snow day. All of the staff involved in the assembly showed up to the school on the snow day to rehearse and prepare! It honestly brought me to tears. They said, ‘the show must go on!’ Their care about students and their school experiences is like no other!”
Melissa, Bridgeport Elementary, Chittenango Central School District

“Teachers and staff are dedicated to the education of urban youth. Aside from a traditional teaching schedule, Syracuse Academy of Science teachers tutor students three days per week after school. Our teachers also run after school clubs, such as congressional awards, chess club, golf club, yearbook club, photography club, and art club. SASHS staff has created a welcoming environment to ensure all students are focused on the end prize-graduation.”
Pamela, Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School, Syracuse City School District

“My position is a bit unique, I work for Jamesville-DeWitt, but I am at Christian Brothers Academy full time as a special education teacher. Each district is responsible for the services in their district. All of the teachers treat me as their own and provide me overwhelming support. The teachers go out of their way to provide accommodations for the students I work with. On top of that, teachers make all students feel included and provide a safe environment to learn in.”
Kristina, Christian Brothers Academy, Syracuse

“I have been a parent to students at JT Roberts Elementary since 2012 and continue to feel like it is a wonderful community. It is challenging to be a teacher in a city school and the Roberts team continues to work hard to provide support to the students. My youngest daughter has special needs, and I have found that her teachers and school administrators have always provided the support she needs to achieve her best in school. This recognition would be a wonderful way to honor their work and let them know it is seen by the community.”
Carrie, J.T. Roberts Elementary, Syracuse City School District

“Teachers at this school go above and beyond for students’ well-being and education by treating each one with kindness, respect, and dignity and offer any extra time they have to work one on one with them. Despite the influx of responsibilities placed on classroom teachers, they still strive to hold high academic standards so that students are set up as well as possible to be successful.”
Molly, Pine Grove Middle School, East Syracuse Minoa School District

“I have never met a school administrator that cares more than Mary Beth Fierro! She bleeds Buc Blue and truly strives to make Oswego Middle School the best!”
Lisa, Oswego Middle School, Oswego City School District

“We have exemplary programs that serve all students—especially our special education, art, and music. Teachers from the high school go above and beyond in our school and in our community to serve students and families.”
Ann, East Syracuse Minoa High School, East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District

“Our teachers work hard to support kids in and out of the classrooms. Our teachers treat them as their own. Despite all of the many things that could deter love and success, our staff wraps around our kids and each other to support academics, social-emotional needs, and basic needs every day!”
Maggie, C.W. Baker High School, Baldwinsville Central School District

“Ours is a small school with a lot of love! We are so lucky to have such a great little community and want our teachers to feel extra special!”
Dan, Moses DeWitt Elementary School, Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District

“Our school is filled with staff members that are happy to come to work every day, work hard with students and one another, support one another, and always work together to make our school environment inviting, loving, caring, and a place our students want to be every day.”
Shana, Mae E. Reynolds Elementary, Baldwinsville Central School District

“Blodgett has been the underdog school for years. We have been counted out a number of times, unacknowledged for how much we have grown, winning this would go a long way for those teachers/staff who keep coming like the postman: ‘no rain sleet or storm will stop us.’”
Shantanette, Syracuse STEM @ Blodgett, Syracuse City School District

“We are currently struggling with decreasing funding for our schools. We are in the unfortunate process of eliminating staff to help make up for the lack of state funds. I’m sure the staff would love to have something positive happen for our school at this time.”
Christy, Cazenovia High School, Cazenovia Central School District

“Our buildings restructured during the pandemic and most of our 5th and 6th grade teachers were moved to West Genesee Intermediate School involuntarily. Everyone has worked really hard to make our new building cohesive, melding the 5th grade elementary model with the 6th grade middle school model so that we can all give our students what we need. It’s been tricky; change is uncomfortable, and many of us have been teaching for 15+ years and love what we do. We’ve formed really great relationships with each other, and I think everyone could use a reminder that this work will pay off!”
Erin, West Genesee Intermediate School, West Genesee Central School District

“When I watch my principal and vice principals, teachers, and support staff engage on a daily basis with the students, dealing with their behaviors, and sitting them down and talking to them like they’re their own children, it tells me I am in the right place, doing what best for our future generation.”
Amo, STEAM at Dr. King Elementary School, Syracuse City School District

“Our teachers create and plan learning expeditions that are standards-based and lead to high student attendance and engagement. Students develop and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their search for answers. Students also develop character skills as they work through the process of trying ideas, failing, revising their work, and persevering towards a final high-quality product.”
Kevin, Expeditionary Learning Middle School, Syracuse City School District

“Lincoln Middle School is surviving and thriving even after the terrible year we have had as a staff and community. Our staff continues to rise above the challenges and create an engaging learning environment for students.”
Rebecca, Lincoln Middle School, Syracuse City School District

“The teachers and administration truly show up for these kids every single day. They embody what great education should be because they ‘meet’ every child where they are, both academically and emotionally. As we used to say, they ‘walk the talk’ and more!”
Janice, L. Pearl Palmer Elementary, Baldwinsville Central School District

“After graduating from Syracuse, I was nervous to start working since I had a great support system with my education at the University. Here, I have found coworkers who have not only supported me but have helped chisel me into the teacher I am today and be motivated to do better each and every day. These teachers work very hard for their students who don’t have a lot of support outside of school.”
Abby, Paul V. Moore High School, Central Square School District

“The McKinley Brighton family has experienced extreme loss this year. Most recently they are mourning the loss of two students. The MKB family is struggling with grief as they work hard to support our students and the community.”
Eva, McKinley-Brighton Elementary School, Syracuse City School District

“This is a special place filled with passionate educators who consistently go above and beyond to do what is best for kids! We are a comprehensive high school offering extensive and innovative programing in partnerships with LeMoyne, OCC, SUNY-ESF, SUNY-Cortland, and Syracuse University. This is a school where there is something for everyone, and we strive to make all students feel connected! Our teachers are advocates for their students and for schools from state funding and representation all the way through graduation!”
Pamela, East Syracuse-Minoa High School, East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District

“My son is in the special education classroom and the staff at the school are incredibly kind and go to amazing lengths to spread awareness for those with special needs. Every year they hold a lemonade stand to raise money for two incredible foundations while raising awareness for those with autism and disabilities. The principal is incredibly supportive and kind. Everyone deserves all the love and recognition.”
Stephanie, Tecumseh Elementary, Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District

“We are a hardworking school community that is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that is welcoming to everyone. Our students, families, and staff are hardworking and always doing whatever they can to support the students and each other on a daily basis. Long Branch Elementary lives up the quote ‘it takes a village,’ and that is evident when you see how our community works together to create a place where kids and adults feel home.”
Dan, Long Branch Elementary School, Liverpool Central School District

“We have a great dynamic of people showing up each and every day, along with a strong community that delivers a sound education for our students. We set the precedent for the district, and I believe the staff here exceed the standards of what it means to work for Syracuse City School District.”
Philip, Roberts K-8 School, Syracuse City School District

“My daughter loves going to school every day because she looks forward to seeing her teachers and staff. She has excelled in her learning! They are intelligent, attentive, kind, and caring.”
Kelly, Onondaga Road Elementary, West Genesee Central School District

“Our staff continue to go above and beyond every day for our students to ensure every student feels safe, welcomed, and supported in our building. Our staff work collaboratively to support one another, and problem solve to help every individual student to be their best self!”
Trisha, Wellwood Middle School, Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District

“We have the most dedicated and hardest working teachers around. We have a diverse community of students, and our staff continually strives to educate and support them every day at the highest standard.”
David, Cicero-North Syracuse High School, North Syracuse Central School District

“Henninger is the largest high school in the SCSD and tends to be highlighted only for its challenges, but we have a dedicated group of teachers that go above and beyond to provide a positive learning environment for all the students every day.”
Meghan, Henninger High School, Syracuse City School District