Teaching & Curriculum, Ph.D.

The doctoral degree in Teaching and Curriculum prepares experienced educators for research on teaching and learning, theory and practice of curriculum, lives and careers of teachers, and policies and practices of teacher education.

This program puts an emphasis on research design, implementation, and analysis, and forms of scholarly inquiry and expression. Students develop scholarly agendas that will carry through their careers as scholars, researchers, and teachers in higher education through research and teaching opportunities. Graduates of this program are on the faculties at colleges and universities across the nation and around the world.

Application Deadline: December 15 | More admissions information

Program requirements are flexible to fit student professional and personal interests around a particular expertise in a content area, grade level, or field of educational theory. You will design your programs of study in close collaboration with your advisors. Many common courses are taught in the afternoons or evenings, making this program possible with part time study while also working in the field. Students will study and collaborate with a diverse community of scholars, with diverse backgrounds and national and international experience.

Expertise in teaching and instruction is also developed with the department and with participation in the Future Professoriate Program. This includes orientations, year-round services for teaching assistants, and opportunities to co-teach with fellow doctoral students and department faculty, guest lecture, and independent instruction.

Program Contacts

Breana Nieves Vergara, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Benjamin Dotger, Professor; Director, Center for Experiential Pedagogy and Practice
Benjamin Dotger