Mathematics Education, Ph.D.

The doctoral degree in Mathematics Education prepares graduates to engage deeply in the research and practice of mathematics and STEM education and become leaders and advocates of inclusive, antiracist, and equitable mathematics learning.

This program, a partnership between the School of Education and Department of Mathematics, provides students with direct mentorship from mathematics education faculty as well as faculty in the areas of education and mathematics. Faculty are actively engaged in research around the teaching and learning of mathematics, and students are encouraged to work closely with faculty members on their research.

Suggested Application Deadline: January 15 or October 1 | More admissions information

Mathematics Education develops a community of scholars among faculty and students. We generally have around 10 doctoral students at various stages in the program from across the country and around the world; typically, half are international students. A weekly research seminar is held to connect all faculty and students.

Expertise in teaching and instruction is also developed through graduate assistantship and intern opportunities, and with participation in the Future Professoriate Program. This includes orientations, year-round services for teaching assistants, and opportunities to co-teach with fellow doctoral students and department faculty, guest lecture, and independent instruction. Students have many opportunities for pedagogical development and feedback through teaching and tutoring.

This program prepares students with strong mathematical interests and experiences for roles in research on the teaching and learning of mathematics, teacher preparation and professional development, and teaching mathematics and mathematics education courses.

Program Contacts

Speranza Migliore, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment|315.443.2505
Speranza Migliore
Joanna Masingila, Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence; Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education|315.443.1471
Joanna Masingila