A Message from Dean Masingila

Dear School of Education community,

The School of Education joins together with the Syracuse University community in acknowledging the pain and violence that persons who identify as Asian are experiencing with acts of racism and attacks in local, regional and national contexts. The SOE values the many identities of our community members and their families. We stand firmly against acts of racism, hate crimes, and bias in any form, and our words and actions must indicate these values and commitments.

As allies to the Asian and Asian American communities, we should make time to educate ourselves about anti-Asian discrimination. Empathy through understanding is an impactful way to show our support for each other.

Our resolve and aspiration are to create, to lead, and to live in a community that celebrates our diversity and that promotes the inclusion of all – in our day-to-day learning, teaching and leading, and in the fabric of our lives in all situations and all contexts.

Support is available through:

We care deeply about you and each member of our community. Your wellbeing is our top priority. Our commitments to and care for each other is what makes the SOE the vibrant and special place that it is.

Dean Joanna Masingila

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