Short Term Trips for Credit

Application Deadline for the programs below: February 10, 2018.

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Literacy, Inclusion, and Diversity in Italy
May 14-June 1, 2018
Apiro, Florence, Rome, and Venice, Italy
SPE/RED 400/600 (3 credits)
Kathleen Hinchman and Christine Ashby
Today, Italy is experiencing a new wave of immigration as well as the effects of a widespread downtirn in the economy. Disability studies, as a field of inquiry, have also begun to emerge in Italy. At the same time, new ways of labeling students and new concerns about accountability and achievement are influencing educational policy and practice in Italy. Thus, the implementation and meanings of integration (or inclusion) take on new meanings in the midst of these changes, making this a very significant time to be studying and observing inclusion and literacy instruction in Italy.

Global Cities and Transnational Identities
May 16-June 17, 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
EDU 300/CFE 600 (3 credits)
Mario Rios Perez
This course examines how global migration has reshaped educational institutions and the transnational identities of the students they serve. Using Mexico as a national case study, we will learn about Mexico's history, culture, and political system. In doing so we will focus on how its global politics, national discourses, and regional migration have impacted the schools of citizens, residents, and undocumented students. The scholarship we will read and the site visits we will make will help us examine how notions of global citizenship, international education, and political sovereignty shape the way that students are educated in schools, colleges, and universities across the globe.

Mouth Everest Base Camp Trek: The Human Response to High Altitude
May 16-June 7, 2018
Mount Everest, Nepal
PPE 300/500 (3 credits)
Tom Brutsaert and Rick Burton
Join a three-week academic and research trek to Everest Base Camp. Learn how the human body responds to high altitude while experiencing Himalayan culture and world's amazing views. If you are adventurous and motivated, the personal rewards of this trip are as big as Everest itself!

Studying Disability in Japan and the U.S.: A Comparative Approach to Laws and Policies, and Perspectives
May 20-31, 2018
Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, Japan
Michael Schwartz
Compare Japan and the United States under a disability studies lens. You will draw on a number of disciplines, including policy, law, and education, for a close-up look at policies and practices in Japan. Tour sites of disability in Japan - schools, institutions, and government offices - and meet people with disabilties, all in an effort to learn how disability is negotiated.

South Africa: A Global Health Education Experience
May 25-June 16, 2018
Grahamstown, South Africa
HTW/NSD 400/600 (3 credits)
Mary Ann Middlemiss
During the online module, you will explore techniques and methods for working collaboratively with communities and focus on topics such as participatory planning models, cultural competency, and empowerment. During part two, you will travel to Grahamstown, South Africa, where you will collaborate with local community partners to implement and evaluate a mutually-designed health education program. You will also have the opportunity to visit local NGOs and community clinics; attend lectures by Syracuse and Rhodes University faculty, and local community experts; and immerse yourself in the history, education, health, and culture of South Africa.

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