Jessica Shoflick '15

Jessica ShoflickB.S. in Selected Studies in Education (focus in Post-Secondary & Human Services Fields)

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

What do you like best about Selected Studies? Why did you choose this focus area?
The selected studies program has given me a wide open door for pursuing my career aspirations. I feel strongly about my passions and interests and am lucky to have built a strong foundation for my future in the School of Education. The faculty and staff have been more than helpful in the transition between majors and always serve as a dedicated support system, when I’m making important decisions. Selected Studies affords broadness and flexibility in course selection allowing me to solidify my aspiration to work in a helping human services field. During my undergraduate studies, I was able to take classes that offered immense guidance and felt I was able to mold a major that was specific to my ambitions. As a senior reflecting on my undergraduate studies, I feel more than prepared academically for my future graduate studies. My original attraction into the School of Education was to pursue a career in Elementary Education. Although my passion still lies in working with kids, I had a change of heart and realized that my interests were better suited to a clinical setting. With my new major in addition to a psychology minor, I feel strongly that my area of studies now aligns more closely to my career goals. The human services focus is a gateway to the graduate programs I plan to attend, and the career path I hope to be a part of one day.

What are some research, community, and extra-curriculur activities you have participated in while at SU?
In my first two years in the School of Education I worked closely within the Syracuse Elementary school district. I shadowed and collaborated alongside staff and faculty at schools to build a stronger inclusive community within classrooms and helped specific students struggling academically to become on par with their peers. I also volunteered for Say Yes to Education, and was an after school tutor for students. After switching majors, I focused my community service in a more clinical light with an emphasis on children. I interned in for a group of attorneys who advocated for children's rights in family court cases. The experience offered me immense insight into the mental health and social work aspect of children’s rights. Currently, I volunteer at Crouse Hospital on the neurology floor, working closely with patients and families offering assistance wherever possible, making their recovery more positive and comfortable.

What are your plans after you graduate?
Post graduation, I plan to take a year off from my studies, working in a setting that will further my experience in the clinical psychology/social work field. In that year, I also hope to solidify my passions and zero in on a graduate program that will make me the most marketable for my future career goals.