Derek R. Ford

Derek R. FordPh.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Education: Goucher College

What are your research interests? Why?
My research is located around the intersections of critical pedagogy, space, political economy, and subjectivity. My dissertation, "A critical pedagogy for space," examines the role of teaching, learning, and studying in the production of space. The main point of this research is to understand the role that revolutionary critical pedagogy can play in advancing contemporary resistance movements and the insights it can generate for constructing a new set of social and production relations.

Why did you choose Syracuse University?
I came to the program for two main reasons: one, the program allowed me the flexibility and individualization required to pursue my interests; two, there was an emphasis on engaging in research for social movements, not merely about them.

What other professional, TA, GA, or community activities are you involved in?
ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), SU Grad Students United, THE General Body, United as One Coalition, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Workers' Center of CNY, American Educational Studies Association, Philosophy of Education Society, The Hampton Institute.