Tiago Barreira

Tiago Barreira
Assistant Professor
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Address: 210F Women's Building

Tiago Barreira is an expert in objective measurement of physical activity (PA), more specifically in the use of pedometers and accelerometers. 


  • Post Doctoral Fellowship. Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • Ph.D. Human Performance (Kinesmetrics Concentration), Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
  • M.S. Exercise Science, Middle Tennessee State University
  • B.A. Physical Education (Exercise Science Concentration), University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • B.S. Business Administration (Finance Concentration), University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Research & Scholarship

Research Focus:

Physical activity, body composition, and cardiovascular disease

His research has focused on four main objectives related to the measurement of physical activity: 

  1. establishing validity and reliability evidence of physical activity measurement tools (i.e., questionnaires, pedometers, accelerometers);
  2. determining how to use physical activity measurement tools to obtain reliable and accurate information on physical activity patterns;
  3. the use of physical activity measurement tools as a motivation to promote increased physical activity levels;
  4. and investigating the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Courses Taught

  • PPE 685 - Systemic Physiology and Exercise
  • PPE 693  - Research Methods is Exercise & Sports Science
  • Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise Science
  • Physical Activity and Public Health
  • Obesity and Body Composition

Recent Publications

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