2015 Spector/Warren Fellows travel to Holocaust Museum Houston for learning intensive

2015 Spector/Warren Fellows travel to Holocaust Museum Houston for learning intensive

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Spector/Warren Fellow Katie Ball produced drawings for her final project in Houston, reflecting what she learned from survivors and other primary sources about the Holocaust.

The School of Education announces its tenth class of Spector/Warren Fellows, who traveled to Houston for a six-day learning intensive Jan. 3-9, 2015. The Spector/Warren Fellowship for Future Educators was launched in 2006 in conjunction with the School of Education and the Holocaust Museum Houston and is designed to help future teachers bring the lessons of the Holocaust into the classroom.

Each year, up to 20 undergraduate and graduate students are selected from a competitive and diverse pool of applicants to take part in an intensive six-day institute at the Holocaust Museum Houston. Through a series of lectures and discussions, nationally recognized Holocaust scholars, university faculty and Holocaust survivors provide the historical and pedagogical context for understanding the Holocaust and its implications for contemporary society. While in Houston, the Spector/Warren Fellows document their experience through journal writing and completion of a final project. Fellows will continue to meet on campus throughout the spring semester to participate in discussions and attend lectures related to the material, and complete a capstone project.

2015 Spector/Warren Fellows are:

  • Katherine L. Ball ‘15
    Art Education
  • Sang-Me Borneman ‘15
    Music Education
  • Damon A. Chalk II G’15
    School Counseling
  • Amber Cossette ‘15
    English Education
  • Casey Duffy G‘15
    Higher Education
  • Rachel Heyman ‘16
    Music Education
  • Ryan Howlett G’15
    English Education
  • Caitlin Hunter ‘15
    Social Studies Education
  • Molly Lahr G’15
    Literacy Education
  • Anna Lilikas ‘14
    Music Education
  • Victoria Ryan G’15
    English Education 7-12
  • Julie Saltsiak ‘15
    English Education
  • Brianna Schaar ‘15
    English Education
  • Victoria Seager ‘14
  • Laura Villers G’16
    Higher Education

The Spector/Warren Fellowship for Future Educators is made possible by a gift from Holocaust survivor Naomi Warren and her family and is sponsored by Helen and Andrew Spector and the Spector Family Foundation.