I-MOVE Course Listings

I-MOVE classes are open to ALL Syracuse University students! Employees can also use their tuition benefits. Courses are one credit unless otherwise specified. Specific sections, instructors, and more course information can be found by looking up courses by prefix and number on MySlice. This list is subject to change; contact the I-MOVE program with questions or for more information.

I-MOVE Courses for Fall 2019
Prefix Course # Section # Course/Section Title
DTS 200 M001 Zena Rommett Floor Barre
DTS 200 M002 Dance Conditioning
DTS 200 M003 Foundations of Salsa Dance
DTS 228 M001 Basic Social Ballroom Dance
DTS 229 M001 Inter Social Ballroom Dance
DTS 234 M001 Tap I
DTS 235 M001 Beginning Jazz I
DTS 239 M001 Beginning Ballet I
DTS 242 M001 Intermediate Ballet I
DTS 246 M001 Intermed Modern I
DTS 249 M001 Latin & Salsa Dance
DTS 251 M001 Hip Hop Dance
DTS 423 M001 Basic Concepts of Choreography
HEA 300 M001 Health & Happiness
HEA 332 M001 Personal Health & Safety
HEA 335 M001 First Aid
HEA 336 M010 Cardio Pulmonary Rescue
HEA 338 M003 Advanced First Aid and CPR/AED
HEA 445 M001 Methods of Teaching Health
HEA 485 M001 Worksite Health Promo
PED 106 M002 Indoor Cycling I
PED 107 M002 Interval Training
PED 193 M001 Zumba
PED 193 M002 Dance Fitness
PED 193 M003 Cardio Latin
PED 200 M006 Rhythm Pilates
PED 200 M007 Ice Skating
PED 200 M013 Yoga for Emotional Balance
PED 200 M014 Core Barre
PED 200 M015 Breath & Meditation
PED 200 M016 Aqua Fitness
PED 200 M017 Strength & Flexibility
PED 200 M018 Curling
PED 200 M019 Fitness Walking
PED 200 M028 Breath & Meditation
PED 200 M051 Strength & Conditioning
PED 200 M052 Strength & Conditioning
PED 200 M085 Pi-Yo
PED 200 M088 Running for Fitness
PED 200 M093 Cardio Latin
PED 201 M001 Beginning Yoga
PED 203 M001 Tai Chi I
PED 204 M003 Pilates
PED 206 M002 Indoor Cycling II
PED 209 M001 Adventure Activities I
PED 211 M002 Beginning Swimming
PED 212 M001 Intermediate Swimming
PED 214 M001 Snorkeling
PED 217 M001 Lifeguarding
PED 221 M002 Scuba
PED 223 M001 Underwater Photography
PED 225 M001 Advanced Scuba
PED 226 M003 Bootcamp Fitness
PED 228 M002 Boxing Fitness
PED 229 M003 Cardio Kick Boxing
PED 230 M001 Core Training
PED 240 M001 Individual/Dual Sport
PED 249 M003 Body Works
PED 250 M001 Team Sports
PED 252 M003 Basketball
PED 257 M001 Soccer
PED 258 M001 Rugby
PED 261 M002 Golf
PED 263 M001 Self Defense for Women
PED 264 M002 Beginning Karate
PED 265 M001 Intermediate Karate
PED 275 M001 Beginning Tennis
PED 276 M001 Intermediate Tennis
PED 277 M001 Advanced Tennis
PED 278 M003 Beginning Fencing
PED 286 M001 Beginning Horseback Riding
PED 287 M001 Intermed Horseback Riding
PED 288 M001 Adv Horseback Riding
PED 289 M001 Backpacking
PED 299 M001 Backpacking II
PED 301 M004 Intermediate Yoga